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Is Ghost Immobiliser Installation Really Worth It?

The system utilizes the buttons in your car (such as the ones on the steering wheels, door panels, and centre consoles) to create a unique PIN code push-sequence. This is then the sequence to be entered before your car can begin.

It can be easily modified by you at any time. It also has a service-mode that allows you to drive your vehicle to the garage without needing an authorization code.


Ghost immobilisers are the most recent technology to prevent car theft. They communicate with the engine control system using the vehicle’s CAN bus. This stops anyone from driving away your vehicle without a key or entering an entry code. This is the most secure method to stop car theft. It can be put in on any vehicle. However, this comes with a cost, and the cost can be quite expensive. Is worth it?

Ghost Immobilisers are much less expensive than other security devices, such as clamps and wheel locks, and they are a great option to protect your most prized possessions. They are virtually undetectable by thieves even when they employ sophisticated hacking tools to get around other security devices. They are concealed within the vehicle and work even if the key is copied or stolen.

The system operates completely invisibly, turning off the ignition of the engine, without additional hardware, wiring, or power source. The system can be controlled via an app that you can install on your phone. This gives you complete control over your vehicle. This is an excellent option for owners who want to protect the investment they made in their prestige or luxury vehicle.

Although ghost immobilisers aren’t Thatcham approved, they are TASSA (Tracking and Aftermarket Security Systems Association) certified and recognised by a number of insurance companies. They are not considered to be a ‘car tracker’ and are not installed in your vehicle for tracking purposes but they do protect it from the most common type of car crime, that of cloning your key fob or changing the ECU.

Once the ghost immobiliser has been installed, the vehicle will only start when the pin configuration that is unique to it is entered. Thieves who are unaware of this won’t be able to start the car and will presume it’s damaged. It’s a simple but effective deterrent to car theft and can drastically lower your monthly insurance costs.

The autowatch ghost installer Ghost 2 immobiliser is an innovative, next generation security device for cars. It is fully endorsed and endorsed by insurers. The user is able to configure the device using their own unique pin code. It also does not omit any RF signals or diagnostic codes, and cannot be detected by thieves who use advanced RF scanning technology or code grabbing.


The Ghost immobiliser is one of the most secure levels of security available. It guards against key hacking and jamming signals. It connects to your vehicle’s CAN data network and is programmed with an exclusive override code. The system allows you to create a unique sequence of disarming consisting of up to twenty button presses. This allows you to disable your Ghost remotely, if needed, for example when you hand your car to a valet.

Many car thieves are using high-tech methods to steal vehicles. This includes high-tech hacks that permit them to unlock and start the vehicle even if they don’t have the key fobs. Ghost immobilisers prevent this kind of theft by preventing the engine from starting without a specific pin code. This means that thieves will need to take more time attempting to get your vehicle.

It is important that your ghost immobiliser is installed by a TASSA certified installer. TASSA is a reputable organization that certifies the aftermarket security and tracking devices and is recognized by certain insurance companies. If you install an Ghost immobiliser, your insurer might recognise it and offer you an affordable premium.

Another way to keep your vehicle safe is by installing a GPS tracker. This can help you locate your vehicle in the event that it’s stolen and alert you to any unusual activities on the road. However, it won’t prevent thieves from stealing your car, so you should always use other security measures in addition to the GPS tracker.

If you own a unique or expensive car it’s worth investing in additional security measures. The Ghost Immobiliser will safeguard your vehicle from theft. It’s easy to install and leaves no traces of its installation. This makes it nearly impossible for thieves to bypass the device. Anyone who has made the decision to customize the vehicle or owns a rare or exotic vehicle will find it to be a excellent investment.

The Ghost immobiliser communicates with your vehicle using the CAN data network, so thieves cannot bypass it by cutting wires. It will also protect against the usual methods used to bypass immobilisers such as RF scans and codes grabbing technology.


A Ghost Immobiliser is a revolutionary car security device that blocks thieves from starting your car. It is connected directly to your cars data network CAN and capturing electronic signals from the vehicle’s ECU. It is not visible to thieves as it doesn’t use circuit cuts or keys fobs. It also operates without radio frequencies and is silently. Its low-maintenance design is also discrete and easily concealed from sight.

This innovative technology is a must-have for owners of expensive or high-performance automobiles, since it’s the most effective method to safeguard your vehicle from theft. It’s a cost-effective and discreet solution to protect your vehicle from theft. It also helps lower the cost of insurance. The patented system is compatible with all modern vehicles and Autowatch ghost installers midlands can be installed by Trackershop, Midland’s leading vehicle safety specialist.

The Ghost Immobiliser uses your existing buttons on your steering wheel and dashboard to create an individual PIN code sequence. The owner is able to change the code with an iPhone application. It can be as long as 20 digits. There aren’t any noises or LED indicators and a secure password is available in the event that you lose the original. The device is also completely inaccessible to the technology that criminals use to copy and steal your car. It’s also a fantastic companion to car trackers since it lets you monitor your car’s location in real-time.

Ghost is a TASSA approved system that will significantly lower your car insurance premium. Installation is simple and painless and it can be connected to your mobile phone or Apple Watch so that only authorized users can begin your vehicle. It’s also compatible with the major car manufacturers and can be used with a variety of smartphones and GPS devices.

The Autowatch Ghost Installers Midlands Ghost is a system that can be fitted on any modern vehicle and is a fully TASSA approved system. It can be installed on any vehicle equipped with a factory-installed keyless entry system, including many luxury and prestige models. Contrary to other aftermarket anti-theft devices Ghost is a secure and reliable system. Ghost does not affect the normal operation of your vehicle and is intended to be an integral part of your vehicle.


The Ghost Immobiliser II from Autowatch is a revolutionary method to protect your vehicle from key-cloning hacking, theft and more. This unique system has been approved by TASSA (Tracker and Aftermarket Security Systems Association), which means that any company installing the Ghost Immobiliser has passed rigorous testing in order to ensure your safety. Many insurance companies recognize it, and you will be able to save on your insurance for your car.

The system is connected to the CAN bus, and stops your engine from beginning until a PIN code override is entered, along with the key fob. This makes it hard for thieves to steal your keys or hack your vehicle, and stops theft of your vehicle.

Unlike physical deterrents like wheel clamps or steering locks Ghost immobilisers are covert and can’t be detected by a thief. They’re also not susceptible to cuts in the circuit, as they don’t emit radio signals and operate via the ECU’s data bus. This makes them very difficult to detect and overcome.

One advantage of the Ghost immobiliser is that it can be put in on almost any vehicle, and it’s completely wireless. It is also very low maintenance and doesn’t require any additional wiring. Furthermore it can be positioned in a concealed location, making it harder to detect by thieves.

If you are required to carry out maintenance or repairs on your vehicle, the ghost immobiliser can be activated temporarily by entering service mode. Press the service button 5 times to do this. You should see five flashing lights to verify that the system is working. This will allow you diagnose the issue without compromising the integrity your Ghost immobiliser.

If you’re having issues with your Ghost stop/start function, it’s crucial to understand how to test the device prior making contact with a garage or dealer to seek assistance. This can be accomplished by placing your Ghost in service mode. To do this, press the button on the Ghost fob or the infotainment system, and wait 60 minutes. Start the car and check whether the system functions properly.