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10 Motor Vehicle Lawyer Tricks All Experts Recommend

Motor Vehicle Powers of Attorney

In many cases, multiple parties share responsibility for an accident. In these cases, a jury could award damages to the victim according to their percentage of negligence.

Even though DMV hearings are not a part of criminal court, an experienced NYC traffic lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome. Gannes & Musico, LLP has a wealth of experience representing clients in these proceedings.

Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is an official document that permits one person (the principal) to authorize another person (the agent) to perform actions on his or her behalf. The document may confer broad or limited powers, and must be drafted in accordance with state law. The document must be signed by the signer or notarized before a notary public or witness. A motor vehicle accident attorneys vehicle power-of-attorney gives the agent the power to perform duties related to vehicles that could include selling a car. You can draft the Power of Attorney on your own if you contact your local Department of motor vehicle accident attorney Vehicles, or use a free legal site like or NYLawHelp. Or, you could hire someone else to handle the work for you.

Third parties may refuse to honor Powers Of Attorney. It could be because of many reasons. In some instances refusals can cause harm to the Principal. The third party may be held accountable for these damages.

To avoid this, to avoid this, the Power of Attorney should include specific language that says that the agent is not able to assume title to any real estate or property owned by the principal without being specifically stipulated in the document. The document should also stipulate that the agent is required to submit to a third party the details of all transactions and other issues in which they act on behalf of their principal.

DMV Hearings

If DMV decides to take a discretionary action against your right to drive (such as license suspension for Motor Vehicle Accident refusing to take a breath test) You can request have a hearing to challenge the decision. These hearings can take place in person or over the telephone, and are usually held in front of a DMV driver safety hearing officer. DMV provides all evidence against the person, including witnesses it has subpoenaed at the hearing. It’s your turn to present evidence that is affirmative (documents or witnesses, or even your own testimony) to attack DMV’s evidence in closing arguments and ask questions of the hearing officer.

In the end, winning the DMV hearing depends largely on the facts of your case, but you are more likely to prevail when you have an attorney. An attorney can help you determine if any mistakes were made by the officers during your arrest. For instance they may not have told you that you could lose your license if you refused a breath test.

Although you aren’t legally required to have an attorney at an DMV hearing under the law, hiring a NYC DMV lawyer can help make the process simpler. A lawyer is well-versed in all the laws that apply to these kinds of cases and will help you effectively present your case. They can also help you avoid being unfairly penalized by the DMV.

License Suspension

If you are found guilty of certain traffic or legal offenses that are deemed to be illegal, the Department of Motor Vehicles may suspend your license and driving privileges. The suspension or the revocation of your license will typically remain in effect until you’ve completed the steps required to get it back.

Your driver’s licence can be suspended for many reasons, based on the state in which you reside. In states that use points, for motor Vehicle accident instance the accumulation of too many points can cause being suspended. In addition, a judge can also require your license to be suspended in the event of a traffic violation. In most cases the court will let you to drive with a restricted driving permit during your suspension or the revocation.

In some states, your license can be revoked if you have been convicted of specific crimes like DUIs or vehicular murder. Your license can also be revoked when you don’t pay child support, or any other civil debts. You may also lose your license if are suffering from a medical condition which can make driving a car unsafe.

Your New York lawyer will help you determine the state of your license and how best to proceed. He or she will explain to you that in the majority of instances, if your license has been suspended, then you are entitled to an appointment with the DMV.


A representation letter is an important piece of paper that lawyers send to the party they will be suing. This informs the other side that they have a representative that will represent them. It also allows the lawyer to request documents and information from the other party.

Many motor vehicle accident (head to cases are based on the tort concept of negligence. Negligence is defined as a failure to apply the same level of care a prudent person would have used under similar circumstances. Accidents in the automobile are usually caused or influenced by a variety of causes. For instance, a driver’s negligence could include driving when impaired by alcohol or drugs, speeding up or not paying attention to traffic signals. Other reasons include distracted driving such as using a cellular phone or attempting to put on makeup while driving.

There are some instances where two people who have been injured in a car crash want the same attorney to represent them. However, it is ethically unwise for one attorney to represent both the passenger and driver in a personal injury lawsuit. Each client is in conflict. This can be overcome by establishing a separate agreement between each client. Alternatively, passengers can hire their own lawyers to file a lawsuit against the driver.