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10 Things That Your Family Teach You About Kids Double Bunk Bed

Kids Double Bunk Bed

Kids double bunk bed are a great option for siblings sharing the same space. Be aware that the child sleeping on the upper level is older than six years old, and that you stop horseplay and jumping on beds.

Make sure that the mattress foundation doesn’t have large gaps that could let children to pass through.


Bunk beds are a safe spot for children to sleep if they’re set up correctly and if parents adhere to certain safety guidelines. The first thing to consider is to ensure that the bunk bed is set in an appropriate corner, so that it does not wobble as kids climb up and down the ladder.

It is also crucial to instruct children to not play on or around the bunk bed and take away any toys that could be dangers to tripping. Children should also be instructed to use the ladder to get out and into the bunk above.

Children shouldn’t be allowed to sit on the top bunk until they reach at least six years old. The reason is that younger children are likely to lack the maturity and coordination needed to be able to navigate the ladder safely. It is also essential to make sure that the guardrails are properly secured to the bunk above and there aren’t any gaps that children can slip through and get trapped beneath the bed.

The foundation area of the lower and upper bunks should be made of solid wood, not slats. The slat-based structures can collapse under the weight of kids and cause serious injuries. Also, it is an excellent idea to reinforce the bottom bunk with cross-ties to stop it from buckling or shifting under the kids’ weight.

In the end, it’s recommended to secure the bottom bunk with a safety rail if a child will be sleeping in it by himself. This will prevent the child from falling over the edge of the bunk in the event that they fall asleep in the night.

Another security measure that is simple to implement is to make sure that the bunk bed is not situated directly beneath a ceiling fan. This will reduce the chance of injuries and accidents when the fan is in operation. Also the bunk bed must be set away from windows as this will reduce the risk of children trying to reach them from the upper part of the bunk bed.


As children grow and move from a crib to a single-sized bed they may want to feel part of the bigger kid’s room. Bunk beds can be a option to achieve this. They are available in a variety of designs and styles to fit any design. They also help save space, meaning that kids have more space to store or play. Bunk beds are available in various sizes for kids of all age groups. They also come with ladders or stairs, which can make it easier for children to climb and descend from their beds.

A bunk bed can become an important focal point in the bedroom of your child and can influence the overall style of the space. Belton Furniture’s twin over twin bunk beds, for instance, are themed after houses and offer a playful take on traditional bunks. The sturdy frame was created with safety in mind and has been tested to support up to 400 pounds. The attached ladder and guard rails enhance the look of a treehouse. A built-in desk on the bottom level is perfect for crafting or homework.

The best bunk bed can bring style, function and enjoyment to your child’s bedroom regardless of whether you’re designing it for a teenager or a young child. If you’re thinking about a bunk bed for your kids take note of the people who will be sleeping in the room. Do you have to accommodate only children or is it a space for siblings? Do you need an extra bed to accommodate guests or sleepovers? Knowing who will be sleeping in the bunks can help you narrow down your options and locate the perfect double bunk bed for your home.

Another thing to consider when choosing the best bunk bed is its height. A bunk bed can be an excellent option for rooms with low ceilings as it helps to visually expand the space. For this southwestern-inspired room designed by Studio Lifestyle, the bunks were encased in custom joinery to create a lofted effect. The cactus print wallpaper and vibrant accents keep the room feeling bright and energetic.


A loft or bunk bed can be a chic way to enhance the look of a child’s bedroom. There are many options available to fit the needs of every family and budget. Some of them have built-in storage drawers or shelving for extra efficiency and organization.

There are a few important aspects to consider when selecting the best bunk beds for kids. You’ll need to select frames constructed of solid wood or metal that is both durable and stable. It should fit on a standard twin mattress and have guard rails for safety. For access to the top bunk, a ladder can be added as an additional feature. Stairs are a better option for Kids double bunk bed older children, who may have difficulty climbing the ladder. Stairs can be safer and can be multi-functional. They can also function as a storage space or a seat.

Depending on the model you choose, some bunk beds double come with a mattress of full size on the bottom. This gives you more sleeping space for guests, and removes the need to purchase a separate guest mattress. Many models can be converted into two twin beds if your child grows out of the bunk bed or you want to use the space for a different purpose.

The design of the bunk or loft bed you choose must take into consideration your kids’ needs and personal preferences as well as the size of your bedroom. There are a myriad of bunks and lofts available such as a twin-over-full configuration which is perfect for families with multiple children or parents who wish to maximize space in cramped bedrooms. Another popular option is a futon bunk that combines an upper sleeping level with a lower futon that can be used to lounge or as a sofa.

The finishes and colors of loft or bunk beds are also diverse. You can pick a color that perfectly complements the decor of your child’s room or complements other furniture in the space. There are a variety of options for personalization, such as adding a personalized name plaque or shelves for reading and storage.


Bunk beds can maximize the space in kids’ bed rooms, and the best choice can last years as they become teens. They also provide the opportunity to add additional storage, play and seating options to enhance their room’s functionality. Slumberland Furniture offers a broad range of options, including a classic twin-overfull bunk bed as well as a loft bed with an Trundle. All of them are built to last.

When shopping for loft or bunk beds, make sure you take precise measurements of the space to ensure that the chosen style and size will be able to fit without blocking windows, doors or other furniture. Talk to a sales representative, or the NFM telephone sales team to find out about the possibility of customization and assembly for the bed you choose.

Loft beds and bunk beds are available for purchase at many of our store locations or as part of our complete bedroom sets. They’re delivered flat packed for convenient shipping and delivery without contact available for free in the local areas. For a small charge you can also select full-service white glove delivery.