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10 Top Mobile Apps For Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

A wall-mounted electric fireplace can be a beautiful addition to any room. They can be hung on the wall or built into the wall for a custom design.

Most wall-mounted electric fire places come with an electric heater that adds heat to the room. They can be operated using remote or control panel controls.


In general, wall mounted electric fireplaces come in a variety of sizes that accommodate different rooms. However, what determines the ideal size of an electric fireplace for your home is a combination of factors like the dimensions of the room as well as the wall’s depth in which it will be installed.

In general, electric fireplaces with lower depths are better suited to smaller areas. Fireplaces with deeper depths are better suited to larger areas. The most important thing is to determine the amount of heating you require in the room that the fireplace will be situated. Most models come with a range of heat settings that will assist you in determining the best amount of warmth for your home.

The majority of electric fire places that are mounted on walls are designed to either be flush or integrated into the wall. This requires cutting a piece of the wall to accommodate the unit, and it is recommended you employ an expert to finish the task. A flush-mounted piece can be attached to the wall just like any other furniture.

There are a variety of freestanding electric fire places for those who prefer a classic appearance. Many electric fireplaces come with frames or a mantle that make them appear like an actual fireplace. Additionally, some feature an elongated design that fits perfectly under the TV.

While freestanding electric fireplaces have an elegant appearance, they don’t produce the same amount of heat as other options. There are electric fires that can be mounted on walls. places that provide a decent amount of supplemental heat for spaces of moderate size, up to 300 square feet.

One of the most well-known options is the Allusion, which is available in several frame finishes. It can be partially recessed or fully recessed into a 2×6 frame wall. It looks like a polished wall like any other piece of furniture. This kind of fireplace can be surrounded, but it isn’t usually required. Scion Trinity is one of the latest electric fireplaces available. The multi-sided design does away with the need for an enclosure, making it one of the most simple to install. It also provides more flexibility when it comes to finishing materials as opposed to models that are fully or partially recessed, and need to be attached to the studs.


A wall-mounted electric fireplace can add a contemporary ambiance and a warm, comfortable feeling to any room. It also provides additional heating to keep the living space comfortable during winter’s cold months. Fireplaces are a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional gas-powered heating systems. They also decrease the amount of harmful pollutants in the home and are in line with the latest environmental standards.

Most electrical fireplaces offer real flames and a stunning bed of embers. Certain models have multicolored flames that mimic the awe-inspiring natural flames of a genuine fireplace. The majority of models have a remote control to change the settings with ease.

Some prefer a fireplace that can be positioned flat against any wall. Others prefer a recessed model that can be incorporated into the wall to provide a custom fit and added depth. Both options require hardware and brackets to mount. It is best to get an expert in to install the recessed units.

Another thing to consider is the power capacity of the fireplace. You’ll want to select one that is energy-efficient and rated high BTUs. This will help you avoid any costly and unexpected energy bills in the near future.

When you are looking for an electric fireplace that is wall-mounted look for a broad range of frames and finishes to fit your home decor. There are a variety of brands that offer a broad selection of front faces. They include modern black or sleek stainless steel. You can pick one that has top venting for an individualized look, or one that is flush against the wall.

Many models come with cool glass technology that stops the surface from getting hot and allows it to be used in a safe manner in a family home with children or pets. The technology is achieved by drawing cool air from the room and then distributing it evenly throughout the space. The result is that the embers and fire are displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner without the worry of burning or wall heat.


In contrast to traditional fireplaces that rely on logs and coal wall-mounted electric fires have a heating element at the bottom to blow warm air into a space. They are perfect for people who wish to have a fire in their home but can’t use a real fireplace due to space constraints or lack of room.

The majority of models have an electric fan that can deliver up to 5,000 BTUs for rooms up to 400 square foot in size. They also offer flame brightness and color options to alter the appearance of the fire. Some models include an alarm clock that can be set in advance to make it easier.

When you are choosing a wall-mounted electric fireplace, it is important to consider whether the fireplace is freestanding or recessing into the wall. Freestanding models let you pick the place of mounting. Recessed models, however, must be installed by a professional. Regardless of the installation method there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure a fast and simple setup.

Install the fireplace and test the light and heat before you begin the installation. Once you have done this, find the best spot on the wall and begin the installation process. Mount the bottom bracket on the wall first by placing it on top of the slots or hooks on the back of your fireplace. Then, place the slots on the back of the fireplace to the hooks on the wall bracket, and insert the hooks into the slots to secure the fireplace to the wall.

Be sure to keep all combustibles at least 3 feet from your new wall mounted fireplace. This reduces the risk of a fire by making fire-resistant materials more difficult to ignite if they are too close. Also, Inset it is important to not close the vents of your fireplace. They are designed to provide regular exchanges of hot and fresh air, which helps it run more efficiently and avoid overheating.


Many wall-mounted electric fireplaces come with a safety screen that is kept at a lower temperature and prevents burning. They operate and maintain the temperature at lower temperatures than traditional fireplaces. This makes them ideal for homes with pets and children. Certain models come with unique features such as the fire-only mode, which allows you to enjoy the appearance of the fire, but without the heat.

Generally speaking, electric fireplaces are designed to be used as supplementary heating sources rather than primary ones. To ensure safety and correct operation, you should always follow the instructions that come with your model. Be sure that the space around your fireplace is clear of combustible materials and is not blocked by drapes or furniture. It’s important to keep anything flammable at least three feet from the fireplace in order to reduce the risk of fire and allow for the air to circulate. It is also important to check the vents regularly to ensure that they are clear of obstructions and there is enough fresh air available to effectively operate your fireplace.

Aside from following manufacturer instructions and the general safety advice mentioned above, you must also be aware of any unusual noises or smells that could occur when your fireplace is in use. These can be a sign of mechanical or electrical problems that may cause serious safety hazards and must be addressed immediately by a professional.

While it is not common to have accidents with electric fireplaces, they should still be regarded as dangerous appliances that require a proper installation and inset usage. An experienced electrician should handle the installation and be familiar with local laws and regulations pertaining to the use of electric fireplaces. They should be able to give you details regarding the warranty, maintenance, and replacement of parts.

Another aspect of the installation process that is often overlooked is making sure that the fireplace is mounted on the wall correctly. To determine the height of the fireplace, take measurements of the wall hung electric fireplace studs. If you’re using a mounting kit, you must ensure that you connect the fireplace’s hooks to the slots in the brackets. It is crucial not to touch any exposed metal parts when installing the fireplace. They could become extremely hot. This could cause physical harm and can also reduce the life span of the fireplace.