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20 Resources To Make You More Efficient With Heat Pump Tumble

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

In contrast to vented tumble dryers heat pump models do not require vent pipes – their moisture is stored in an easy-to-empty reservoir. They also use a lower temperature, which makes them more gentle on your clothes and more sustainable.

But a heat pump tumble dryer can cost more to purchase than a vented model. Is the investment worth it?

It’s more efficient

A heat pump is often thought of as a way to warm up a building, but this versatile device can do more than just huff and puff to create hot air. It also provides AC and heat pumps are extremely efficient when used to wash laundry. This makes them a smart option for anyone concerned about the tumble drying process ruining their clothes or living in an apartment that doesn’t have space for outdoor Tumble dryers with heat pump drying.

Heat pump dryers recycle and reuse the air used to dry your clothes. The moisture in your clothes is absorbed by the evaporator and this condensation is collected in tanks, where it’s heated again before being returned to the drum. The tumble dryers that use heat pumps are, therefore, more energy efficient than condenser or vented models.

But there’s one drawback: because they are using lower temperatures, your clothes may take a little longer to dry. It’s worth it if you want to save energy and keep your clothes in good condition.

Another benefit of tumble dryers with heat pumps is that they don’t require vent ducting at all, making them more flexible in terms of placement than their vented or condenser counterparts. They still require a tank for collecting water condensation that must be emptied on a regular basis or connected to your plumbing system in order to dump them into your drains. However this is a minor difference in comparison to the energy savings.

The heat pump tumble dryers are an ideal choice for industrial laundry facilities that need to offer a high-quality washing service while being as energy efficient as they can be. Since they don’t need to release hot air into the outside environment, they are able to reduce energy usage by about 70%, which can save substantial amounts of cost on utility bills in the long run.

The initial cost of constructing and purchasing a heat-pump tumble dryers heat pump vs condenser dryer is quickly offset by the energy savings. It is important to maintain your heat-pump tumble washer dryer with heat pump. Cleaning it regularly will help prevent the buildup of lint, which can reduce the effectiveness and pose an hazard to fire.

It’s gentler on your clothes.

Tumble drying can cause damage to your clothes if the temperatures are too high. However heat pump tumble dryers use moisture extraction instead of direct heating to dry your laundry. This allows your clothes to dry at lower temperatures which is more gentle on the fabric and can extend the life of your favourite clothes and jumpers. They also require an aquisition tank (also called reservoir) that you need to empty regularly or if they’re plumbed. This isn’t a big issue for most households since it is easy to empty it using normal household waste.

It’s more sustainable.

If you don’t have the space to hang your clothes dry, or prefer not to, tumble drying is an excellent alternative. However, tumble dryers can cause damage to fabric when used frequently and at higher temperatures. Beko heat pumps tumble dryers are made to dry your clothes at a lower temperature, removing moisture. Find out more about our Heat Pump tumble Dryers with Heat pump dryer range here.