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Automatic Pool Covers: Types, Benefits, and Installation Suggestions

Automated pool covers are an more and more popular characteristic for swimming pools, providing a range of benefits from enhanced safety to energy efficiency. This article explores the types of automatic pool covers available, their numerous benefits, and essential installation tips to make sure you get probably the most out of your investment.

Types of Automated Pool Covers

1. Retractable Pool Covers:
– Track Systems: These covers operate on tracks put in along the sides of the pool. They are often powered by electricity or solar energy, permitting for easy opening and closing with the push of a button.
– Trackless Systems: Unlike track systems, trackless covers don’t require side tracks, making them less obtrusive. They use a unique mechanism to cover and uncover the pool.

2. Slatted Pool Covers:
– Rigid Slats: Made of durable materials like PVC or polycarbonate, these covers provide a strong barrier over the pool. They are often manually or automatically operated and sometimes come with solar heating capabilities.
– Floating Slats: These are much like inflexible slats however are designed to float on the water’s surface, providing insulation and reducing evaporation.

3. Safety Pool Covers:
– Automatic Safety Covers: These covers are designed with safety in mind, often capable of supporting the weight of an adult, making them a wonderful choice for households with children or pets.

Benefits of Computerized Pool Covers

1. Safety:
– The primary benefit of automatic pool covers is enhanced safety. By covering the pool when not in use, they stop unintended drownings and reduce the risk of accidents, particularly vital for households with younger children or pets.

2. Energy Effectivity:
– Automatic pool covers significantly reduce water evaporation, which is a serious source of heat loss in pools. By sustaining water temperature, they lower the energy required to heat the pool, leading to lower utility bills.
– Additionally, covers stop particles from getting into the pool, reducing the workload on filtration systems and reducing down on the energy needed for pool maintenance.

3. Water Conservation:
– By minimizing evaporation, pool covers assist preserve water. This is particularly useful in regions with water restrictions or in periods of drought.

4. Chemical Financial savings:
– Automated pool covers reduce the amount of debris and contaminants entering the pool, leading to lower chemical usage. This not only saves cash but also makes the pool more environmentally friendly.

5. Extended Pool Life:
– Protecting the pool from the elements, corresponding to UV rays and harsh climate conditions, can prolong the lifespan of the pool and its components. This means fewer repairs and replacements over time.

Set up Suggestions for Computerized Pool Covers

1. Professional Installation:
– While some DIY fanatics could be tempted to install a pool cover themselves, professional installation is highly recommended. A professional installer will ensure that the cover fits appropriately and operates smoothly, reducing the risk of future issues.

2. Select the Right Type:
– Choose a cover that suits your pool’s dimension, shape, and your specific needs. Consult with a pool cover specialist to determine one of the best option to your situation.

3. Consider the Climate:
– In regions with excessive climate conditions, choose a cover that may withstand the local climate. For instance, in areas with heavy snowfall, a sturdy slatted cover may be more suitable than a primary track system.

4. Common Upkeep:
– To make sure longevity and optimal performance, common maintenance of the pool cover is essential. This contains cleaning the cover, checking for wear and tear, and lubricating moving parts as needed.

5. Safety Options:
– Ensure that your computerized pool cover includes safety options corresponding to automatic locking mechanisms and a cover pump to remove excess water. These options add an additional layer of security and functionality.

In conclusion, computerized pool covers offer a blend of comfort, safety, and efficiency for pool owners. By understanding the types available, appreciating their benefits, and following proper set up and maintenance guidelines, you’ll be able to enhance your pool experience while protecting your investment for years to come.

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