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Ghost Immobiliser Fitting: 10 Things I’d Like To Have Known In The Past

Get a Ghost Immobiliser Fitted to Protect Your Vehicle

The Autowatch Ghost, an immobiliser for cars of the future, protects against key (and ghost immobiliser Problems keys that do not have a key) thefts, clonings, and relay hacking. It is an unobtrusive device that is connected to the CAN data network of your vehicle and operates quietly.

It operates by using a PIN code sequence consisting of buttons on the steering wheel or on the centre console to activate it. It can also be activated in service mode, which allows the vehicle to begin for temporary use when needed.

No Radio Signals

If you’re looking to secure your vehicle from hacking, key cloning and theft, installing a ghost immobiliser is a great way of doing it. The system is completely silent and hidden within the vehicle and does not utilize radio signals to communicate. This makes it difficult for thieves to spot using radar scanning devices as they cannot see or hear it.

The device also stops the cloning of your vehicle’s key fob by blocking it from connecting to the car’s onboard CAN data network. Organised car thief gangs will often employ sophisticated RF scanning and code-grabbing technology to intercept and deactivate security systems in vehicles. However, ghost immobilisers are inaccessible to thieves since they don’t emit any radio signals and are integrated into the vehicles CAN data network, which means that there are no circuit breaks during installation and fitting, making them totally undetectable.

The ghost immobiliser prevents your vehicle from moving as well as preventing it from starting. This is perfect if you will park your car in a public place such as a supermarket or garage or if a valet will be parking it for you. This feature can be enabled through a simple app on an iOS or Android phone.

Your vehicle can be tracked through GPS trackers. This will aid in the search for your vehicle in the event of theft. In recent years thieves have been able of overriding the security of vehicles through hacking the OBD port of the vehicle. This can be avoided by using a ghost immobiliser fitting immobiliser which communicates directly with the ECU of the car via the data loop of the CAN. It is inaccessible to high-tech diagnostics tools and completely silent so that a thief cannot add a new key or replace the ECU to start the car.

The device is completely reversible and won’t affect the warranty of your vehicle. If you’re looking to have a ghost immobiliser fitted, look for a TASSA (Tracker and Aftermarket Security Systems Association) approved installer. This will confirm that the installer has passed a string of checks including identification and CRB.

No Circuit Cuts

A ghost immobiliser will protect your vehicle from theft through contactless. This discreet device is installed in a secure location in your car. It works by preventing the engine from starting unless certain buttons within your vehicle are pressed in a certain sequence (similar to a PIN number on your smartphone).

Since it doesn’t utilize radio frequencies or key fobs to communicate, there are no indicators or sounds to indicate its presence. Instead it connects to your vehicle via the CAN data network and operates silently, keeping your vehicle safe from thieves who don’t want to be caught.

With car theft increasing Many drivers are looking for ways to stop their car from being stolen. Unfortunately, theft of high-value vehicles is more frequent than ever before, and with the right tools, thieves can strip a vehicle in hours. It is therefore essential to protect your car against this type of crime by installing an immobiliser that is ghostly.

Autowatch’s ghost immobiliser is an effective and unique solution to this issue. It connects to your vehicle via the CAN databus and stops the engine from starting until a specific pin code is entered. The code is entered by pressing buttons on the steering wheel, the centre console or door panels. It can be altered if necessary.

It’s also very difficult to spot, since it doesn’t have LED indicators, a frequency or other clues that can give thieves a clue as to its existence. It does not require cutting wires or additional aftermarket devices. You can also disable it remotely using the Autowatch App while having your vehicle serviced.

Ghost immobilisers from Autowatch is therefore the most effective solution to stop thefts via contactless and secure your vehicle. It’s a TASSA-certified device, which means it is endorsed by major businesses like insurance providers and police forces. At Car Specialist Customs, we are certified installers of this unique system. We can help you secure your vehicle without having to install aftermarket keys or cut wires.

No Key Fobs

A ghost immobiliser does not depend on your standard key fob to communicate with the vehicle. Instead, it utilizes buttons that are already present in your car such as those found on the steering wheel and door panels to generate an unique pin code sequence that you need to enter to start your car. The system is completely invisible since it doesn’t emit radio signals and communicates with the ECU through the CAN data circuit, meaning it cannot be identified by diagnostic tools or stolen keys.

Even if thieves have the original key fob they’ll still have to be aware of your pin code to be able to start your car. The system also prevents key blocking, signal jamming and device spoofing methods employed by thieves to open cars with factory-fitted immobiliser.

A ghost immobiliser is a great way to protect your vehicle from theft especially if you’ve spent lots of money and time customizing it or have an expensive, rare or valuable car. The system can be deactivated remotely using an iOS or Android app. This is a great feature for those who don’t know who holds their keys or where they are parked.

The ghost immobiliser can also safeguard your vehicle from relay-style frequency amplifying. These are a popular way for high-tech thieves to rob PKE-equipped vehicles by recording the frequency of the key fob and sending it to a co-conspirator, who can then utilize a remote starter to move your car. The system will stop this from happening by cutting off the battery from your key fob after just a few minutes of inactivity.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser problems ( system comes with many other features to make your car more safe, such as stopping ECU swapping and key cloning. The CAN data network communicates with the ECU, making it impossible for thieves to swap the ECU or add new keys to bypass the system. The system requires an individual pin code to start your car, which is entered using the smartphone app, making it more difficult for thieves to gain access to your vehicle.

Service Mode

Whether you’re an experienced car burglar or just beginning on the path to a criminal career, the equipment you need to scan & clone vehicles is becoming more affordable and easier to obtain. You can even buy a complete cloning kit for your vehicle on the internet, making it more crucial than ever that you protect your car with an immobiliser.

Ghost immobilisers are invisible device that works alongside your current key fob to stop your car from starting unless a unique PIN code sequence is entered. The sequence is created by using buttons present on your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, doors, and the centre console. Only you have this pin code, and only you can turn on the engine. This pin code is the only way thieves are able to steal your vehicle even if you’ve given them your keys.

The ghost communicates with the ECU via the CAN network, meaning that it’s a low-risk installation without the risk of causing damage to the vehicle. It’s also a discreet option, since it doesn’t depend on key fobs or LED indicators. It’s virtually undetectable by anyone other than the car’s owner and does not affect jamming devices or circuit cuts. It is also completely safe against keyless entry and device spoofing technology.

Additionally, it makes it harder for Ghost Immobiliser Problems thieves to steal your car, a ghost immobiliser can help to reduce the cost of insurance. It’s because there is no indication of installation, and your insurance company will presume that you have an anti-theft system installed.

For more information about installing a ghost immobiliser in your vehicle Contact us at Denton Cars. We are a fully registered Autowatch approved installer and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this advanced vehicle security product. Our team of experts can advise you which of our other products is best suited to your vehicle. We are also TASSA-approved, so you can be confident that you’re dealing with a reputable business that has been thoroughly examined and accredit.