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Heat Pump Tumble Dryer – Why Choose a Heat Pump Tumble Dryer?

The tumble dryers that are heated by a heat pump heat up warm air from the drum instead of fresh air. They are therefore cheaper to run than vented or condenser machines. These tumble dryers are more expensive to purchase, but can reduce your energy bills by up to half.

Our top pick, the Miele, has features that make it stand out from the competition. It has a honeycomb drum that reduces creasing for easier ironing and a scent distiller that gives your laundry a lasting scent.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of a tumble dryer with a heat pump is a major feature that attracts a lot of buyers. The technology uses only a small less power than vented and condenser models do, meaning you’ll see substantial savings on your energy bills. As energy prices rise across the world, more households opt for this eco-friendly technology.

In contrast to condenser tumble dryers which collect the water in a tank that has to be emptied in order to be emptied, heat pump tumblers recycle and reuse the hot air produced by the machine. The only waste is the tiny amount of steam produced during the drying process, which can be extracted using an extraction hose or a LINT filter (depending on the model).

How do you accomplish this? The hot air blown into the drum of the dryer is pushed through the clothes evaporating the moisture and producing warm vapour. This moist air then passes through a compressor that compresses the warm vapour and transforms it into a liquid. The warm air is pumped back into the drum, where it is heated by the heating elements in the dryer. This is the only time in the entire process that energy is utilized.

The heat pump tumbler is the most energy-efficient type available. According to Which?, a high-efficiency heat-pump tumble dryer will save you between PS42 to PS51 per year in operating costs contrasted with traditional vented tumble dryer or condenser.

In addition to the huge savings on energy costs In addition to the huge savings on energy bills, tumble dryers with heat Pump tumble dryer uk pumps are also gentler on your clothes. Their lower drying temperatures minimise the chance of shrinkage, ensuring your favourite pieces are fresh for a longer time.

The lower temperatures lower the chance that delicate fabrics such as wool and silk will be damaged or degraded. Avoid overloading your tumble-dryer as this can cause damage to both the drum belt and the motor. Clean the lint filters regularly as a failure to do this could result in a potential fire danger.


In a country where weather can throw your laundry plans off course, a heat pump tumble dryer will ensure you a an efficient indoor drying system, regardless of external conditions. This will help you save time and effort, particularly when your family is susceptible to allergies, such as asthma or hay fever which can be exacerbated by damp clothing (as as the risk of mildew and dust mites).

The latest models of tumble dryers with heat pumps are specifically designed to meet your laundry needs. They come with various intelligent features, including sensors for drying, timers and other specialized programs. Many models also have an A+energy rating, which makes them an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Unlike vented tumble dryers, heat pump models utilize a closed-loop system to recycle hot air. This means that they don’t need to be vented to the outside of your home or require an exhaust hose, making them much easier to set up. However, you should seal any openings to prevent moisture or heat pump tumble dryer uk pests from entering the home.

Heat pump tumble dryers offer a sleek and modern design that can easily be integrated into your existing laundry set-up. You can pick between built-in or freestanding models depending on the layout of your kitchen and your aesthetic preferences. They are also smaller than traditional tumble driers, making them a good option for those with smaller homes or small space.

In addition to a user-friendly control panel, most models have a bright drum light so you can watch your clothes whilst they’re drying. Some even have a built-in air purifier that helps to reduce the smell of your laundry and make the room a more hygienic space.

If you’re looking to extend your convenience to the next level look for models that have adjustable settings and connectivity to smartphones that allow you to manage your appliance remotely. This is a great feature for busy families that need to schedule their laundry according to their schedules, not the other way around. Some models have reverse actions to help avoid tangled clothes, as well as steam treatments that reduce creasing. This will save you the hassle of having to iron!


This innovative machine works by using the ambient temperature of the room, in contrast to conventional tumble dryers that use the heat from the spinning drum to extract the moisture from clothes. This machine is also very efficient at conserving energy, so your bills should be lower. All Miele appliances are tested for 20 years of service. You can control them with the mobile app or voice activation. Or, you can integration into existing smart-home systems.

This machine doesn’t slouch when it comes to performance, despite its green credentials. It’s a mid-sized model (8kg) that has a surprisingly quick drying time due to its EcoSpeed technology. Its variety of dry programmes ensures that your clothes come out looking flawless.

You can also benefit from the highest quality of care for your fabric whether drying delicates or knitwear made out of wool. The majority of models have a wool setting that decreases the cycle time and temperature so that your favourite jumper isn’t damaged, and a specific program for dark shades that help to prevent unwanted fade.

A unique FragranceDos system uses scent capsules (or ‘flacons’ as Miele calls them) to add a hint of perfume to your laundry. You can easily load them into the machine and alter the intensity of the fragrance, from mild to scented.

Another feature that protects your clothes is the dual lint filter which prevents the fluff from blocking up the heat exchanger and reducing the power output over time. This will keep your machine in good condition for longer and save you money on power.

This model also makes it easy to monitor your washing and drying by using the digital display and large array of indicators. A handy AddLoad function lets you fit in an item of forgotten clothing up to only a few minutes prior to the close of a cycle while the full-sensor drying process is able to automatically adjust the time of each program. This means your laundry will always come out perfectly dry.


A tumbler with a heat pump will cost you a bit more upfront than a vented or condenser model however it will save you money over the long term. It’s a good investment to use less energy, as it will lower your electricity costs and carbon footprint. When you shop online, you can earn cashback when purchasing a heat-pump tumble heatpump dryer.

Unlike other types of tumble dryers, which require to be plugged in and placed near a vent, a heat pump model can be placed anywhere within your home. Its moisture-capturing mechanism draws in warm air from the room, and then sends it to the tank to allow for easy emptying. This means you can put a tumble-dryer anywhere in your house even in cold garages or rooms with no external walls.

With electricity prices at their highest in the last 25 years, and gas prices on the rise it’s a good time to think about making your home more energy efficient. According to the Energy Saving Trust, switching to energy-efficient appliances can reduce your bills by as much as PS514 per year. The most cost-effective approach to improve your energy efficiency is to change your tumble dryer to a heat pump model that consumes less energy.

You can be assured that you’re getting the best value when you purchase the tumble dryer with a heater at John Lewis. This model was given an A+ rating from Which? for its efficiency. Testers found that it uses less than half the electricity of a vented dryer to dry towels. It is therefore one of the least expensive tumble dryers on the market.

This Sharp model, though not the most powerful (you will find larger models in this list) it is an excellent choice for those who want to save money and energy. It utilizes a sensor to ensure your clothes are dried completely before the cycle is finished and offers 16 programmes including special cycles for delicate clothing. It’s also very quiet, thanks to vibration-reducing technology. This means that your laundry will not bother you while you sit on the couch or complete other chores.