Friday, July 19

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5 Reasons Biofuel For Fireplace Is A Good Thing

Biofuel For ethanol fireplace insert Fireplaces If you want an open flame in your fireplace, but you are worried about the safety of your home, a bio-ethanol fireplace could be the right choice ideal for you. These fireplaces use liquid bioethanol and don't require fuel lines or chimneys and are refilled manually. The biofuel liquid is put into a stainless steel cassette. The ethanol also has a bittering agent to prevent children or pets from consuming it accidentally. The Eco-Feu Juliette Tabletop Fireplace is powered by Biofuel. The Eco-Feu Juliette ethanol tabletop fireplace is a fantastic way to add a touch luxury to your living room. This ethanol fireplace comes with an stainless-steel base as well as an tempered glass tube that encases flames to create a visually vibrant...