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Dr. Garcia

Luis Garcia received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Boston College in 1997 where his genetic research landed him in an international scientific publication (Development, 1997) as an undergraduate. He received his Medical Degree, from Universidad de la Sabana in Bogota, Colombia in 2005 and served as Medical Director and Chief Science Officer of "Salud Futura" Clinic in Bogotá, Colombia until June 2010 where he worked with Neurofeedback, Neural therapy, Ozone therapy, Homotoxicology, Neurolinguistic Programming, Chelation therapy, DMSO therapy, Bioenergetics, Nutritional therapies, traditional western medicine and Biomagnetism online trainning.. Dr. Garcia Biomagnetism Garcia is licensed to practice medicine and surgery in Colombia, South America. He is currently applying ...
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Exposing the Deception: Dr. Garcia Unravels the Truth Behind Muscle Testing

Greetings, everyone. Today, I want to shed light on a topic that has been clouded in ambiguity and misconception: muscle testing. Many of you may have encountered this practice, touted as a miraculous diagnostic tool. But let me tell you, as a practitioner committed to evidence-based medicine, the truth behind muscle testing is far from what its proponents claim. dr.garcia Muscle testing, also known as Applied Kinesiology, operates under the guise of assessing muscle strength to diagnose various health conditions. Advocates claim that weak muscles indicate underlying issues, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy from infections to emotional traumas. But let’s dissect this claim, shall we? The fundamental flaw of muscle testing lies in its lack of scientific basis. Despite its widespread use, ...
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Beyond Breathing Trouble: Can Biomagnetism Help Chronic Bronchitis?

In this video, Dr. Garcia is curing a patient with a chronic bronchitis using Biomagnetism Magnets therapy. The patient has several magnets placed on her body during the session. These are the magnets placed on the patient and their positions stated in the video: Thymus (2 magnets): above the av node Liver: on rib cage Trachea: left side below clavicle right side Influenza: fifth cervical underneath the neck Sternum, esophagus, methyl carina, pleura to liver, right pleura: If you cherished this article and you simply would like to acquire more info with regards to Biomagnetic Pair Therapy please visit our website. for improved respiration Spleen, pancreatic ligament, peripancreatic pancreatic duct, pyloric sphincter: midway between navel and lower ribs at 60 degrees a...
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Eliminate Health Secrets: The Complexities of Infectious Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment.

Infections may hide in the most remote parts of the human body, coming out as various symptoms that sometimes confuse even experienced medical practitioners. It is through a meticulous approach that these infections can be identified by applying a range of diagnostic tools such as blood tests, If you liked this post and you would like to acquire much more information relating to Biomagnetism online trainning. kindly take a look at the web page. urine analysis and at times more specialized laboratory investigations are usually undertaken. Dr.Garcia Understanding The Diagnostic Process Diagnosis starts with basic lab work: blood and urine tests. These are crucial in detecting infection markers such as raised white blood cell counts, pathogens being present or specific antibodies si...
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From Acidic to Alkaline: Ranking 20 Popular Bottled Waters by pH

The video is about how the PH affects our bodies. The video is about PH levels & how they influence our bodies. Speaker tests PH for 20 different bottled waters and finds out that the most alkaline water among them is Fiji water, followed by Essentia water and Bai water. In contrast, Sparkling Ice water comes as the least alkaline, then La Croix water and Diet Coke in their successive order. Additionally, the speaker addresses ways we can control our body’s pH such as through deep breathing exercises, meditation, physical activity and magnets. According to the speaker you can regulate your body’s ph by using magnets. Magnets have a north pole and south pole that can move electrons around. Consequently, through use of Biomagnetism Magnets you are able to change your body’s ph by movi...
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Biomagnetism: Can Magnets Truly Heal Chronic Illness? An Exploration with Dr. Garcia

Chronic illness can feel like a never-ending battle. You explore countless treatment options, searching for something that offers lasting relief. If you’ve stumbled upon biomagnetism therapy, you’re likely wondering: can magnets truly heal chronic illness? In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of biomagnetism with the guidance of Dr. Garcia, Should you loved this short article and you would want to receive much more information relating to Biomagnetism Magnets assure visit our webpage. a renowned practitioner in this field. We’ll explore the theory behind biomagnetism, its potential benefits for chronic conditions, and Dr. Garcia’s insights on its effectiveness. What is Biomagnetism Therapy? Biomagnetism therapy is a form of alternative medicine that utilizes static magnets pl...