Tuesday, July 9

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Taekwondo instructor is arrested after couple and young son found dead

A taekwondo instructor will be charged with three counts of murder after a mother, her husband and a little boy were found allegedly stabbed to death. Kwang Kyung Yoo, 49 - who owns Lion's Taekwondo in North Parramatta and is also known as 'Master Lion' - arrived at Sydney's Westmead Hospital on Monday night covered in blood with knife wounds to his chest, arms and stomach. He told hospital staff that he was attacked in the carpark of a supermarket earlier that evening. At about 10.30am on Tuesday, officers were called to a home in Baulkham Hills where the found the body of Steven Cho, 39, who had fatal stab wounds. Two hours later, police found the bodies of his wife Min Cho, 41, and their seven-year-old son at the taekwondo studio. During a press conference on Wednesday, H...