Thursday, July 18

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Big Chief Live Resin Disposable Apple Jack

Apple Jack Apple Jack, a potent hybrid marijuana strain, comes from crossing Jack Herer with White Widow. This strain might actively uplift and soothe, catering to medical marijuana patients and consumers seeking relief from chronic pain or big chief raspberry runtz nausea. Its flavor profile has a powerful pile of skunky and raspberry runtz big chief earthy notes, accentuated by delightful undertones of sliced apple. At Tree Factory, we typically carry big chief hemp candyland big chief’s 1g Apple Jack vapes for $20 out the door. New big chief extracts cartridge big chief extracts cartridge Live Resin Disposables & Vape Cart Guide: big chief on the go quad pod Tree Factory Oxnard Cherry Pie By far the most popular 1g big chief hemp big chief raspberry runtz vape at Tree Facto...