Friday, July 19

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South Korean general arrested for sex crime: official

South Korea maintains a conscript army to defend itself against the nuclear-armed North A South Korean two-star army general has been arrested for sexually harassing a female subordinate, officials said Tuesday, in the latest high-profile sex crime to rock the country's military. The case comes just a month after the country's air force chief resigned over the suicide of a master sergeant who was sexually assaulted by a colleague. She reported the case higher up the chain of command, only to have her complaints ignored, and took her own life in May. That sparked a national outcry in South Korea, which maintains a conscript army to defend itself against the nuclear-armed North. In the latest case, the brigadier-general reportedly attempted inappropriate physical advances to a subo...
Future Technology

Sydney's insatiable love affair with cocaine from 1920s to today

's love affair with cocaine has exploded in the last 20 years, with the appetite for the drug across the city becoming increasingly 'insatiable'.TV actors, models and wannabe gangsters who pose on in bikinis or with luxury cars displaying their tattoos and gangster bling have been arrested, convicted and sent off to jail. Bureau of Statistics figures released this year showed a 12.5 per cent increase of cocaine use and possession arrests over the five years until 2020, whereas drugs like ecstasy had declined in popularity.Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission suggests the nation's base of cocaine users is 'broadening', with a growing social acceptability of the drug.Drug manufacturers of cocaine in South America see Australia as a lucrative market for large exports due to its high ...