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14 Businesses Doing A Superb Job At Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Beans 1kg

Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Beans 1kg This dark roast coffee 1kg has a deep aroma and a deep flavor. It is suitable for ground cafetiere, also referred to as coffee presses. The 227g bag makes about 30 cups of coffee. This elegant roast draws inspiration from the elegant blends of northern Italy. This blend of beans from Central America and Africa bring out flavours of nuts, ground chocolate and nutmeg. Product Information Product Details This sophisticated roast is inspired by the elegant blends in Northern Italy. We select chocolatey beans from Brazil, and subtly-sweet beans from Africa and Central America. Then we roast them until they are rich and refined. The result is a cup you can enjoy, whether for a morning boost or a moment of contemplation. Any brewing method is...