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Ten Defra Approved Wood Burner Products That Can Change Your Life

Choosing a Defra Approved Wood Burner If you are looking for a brand new multi fuel or wood burning stove you may notice it's listed as DEFRA approved. While it may seem like confusing stove jargon, owning a DEFRA approved wood burner is crucial if you reside in a smoke-free zone. Defra is the government department that oversees the regulations for environmental, agricultural and rural issues. Defra approved stoves allow you to legally burn wood in smoke control areas (usually UK cities and large towns). Clean Burning Technology Stove manufacturers have been developing their stoves with secondary and tertiary combustion mechanisms to make them cleaner burning. This allows them meet the stricter emission limits set by DEFRA which means homeowners who live in Smoke Control Areas ...
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24 Hours To Improving Stove Defra

What is a Stove DEFRA compliant stoves list? Stove defra is a word that refers to a wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove that has been approved to be used in smoke-free areas. This is legally required in some UK cities and towns. These stoves emit almost no smoke since they use the least amount of air. These stoves come in a wide range of styles and designs to complement your home's style. Clean Burning In the past, homeowners and businesses were able to burn whatever fuel they wanted, which led to a great deal of smoke emitted into the air. This led to a lot of health problems for the residents and DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Stoves workers in the affected regions. In the UK, many towns and cities have been designated Smoke Control Areas (or Smokeless Zones) and it is illeg...