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17 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Not Ignore Defra Wood Stove

Defra Wood Stove Wood stoves from Defra are a great choice for homeowners looking to comply with government regulations. They are available in various designs and are equipped with clean burning technology. Defra is a UK government department responsible for policies relating to rural and environmental issues and regulations. Its laws prohibit the emission of smoke in Smoke Control Areas, unless you are using an exempt appliance or fuel that is approved for use. Eco-friendly A Defra Wood Stove is an eco-friendly choice for heating that will save you money on fuel. They are designed to minimize emissions and pollution. This makes them a more environmentally green option over older stoves and open fireplaces. They also burn more efficiently and require less fuel or wood for the s...
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The Top Reasons People Succeed On The Stoves Defra Approved Industry

Wood Burning Stoves DEFRA Approved Here at Stove Supermarket we stock a huge range of wood-burning stoves that are DEFRA certified, including dedicated wood burners as well as multi-fuel stoves. These stoves can burn both wood and coal and are less likely to emit part-burned combustibles such as soot or ash into the atmosphere (this is known as sleeping). Defra Approved A Defra approved stove or a DEFRA exempt stove, as it's sometimes referred to, is a wood-burning or multi fuel stove that has passed the strict emissions standards set by Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). They are usually achieved by secondary and tertiary combustion systems which reduce the amount of smoke and particulates that are produced during the burning process. If you reside in ...
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This Week’s Top Stories Concerning Defra Approved

Defra Approved Multi Fuel Stoves Multi-fuel stoves endorsed by DEFRA permit burning wood or smokeless fuels in smoke-free areas. They emit little emissions, provide pure combustion and are available in various designs that can be used in any home. Defra regulations (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) restrict the emission of dark smoke from chimneys in Smoke Control Areas without an exempt appliance, or authorised fuel. Efficient combustion Multi-fuel stoves that have been approved by Defra are utilized in a variety of homes because they provide efficient heating and have a low carbon footprint. They can be used for a variety of fuel types, including smokeless coal and logs. These models also provide plenty of control over the flame which allows you to achieve ...
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We’ve Had Enough! 15 Things About Defra Approved Woodburner We’re Overheard

Choosing a Defra Approved Woodburner Defra approved stoves are becoming more popular. You can avoid a heavy penalty if you live in a zone that has smoke control. They also have other benefits. Most Defra approved woodburners will have an air control on the top that stops you closing it completely down which would cut off the oxygen supply to the fire. This stops the fuel from burning and generating smoke. What is a DEFRA Approved Stove? When buying a woodburning or multi-fuel stove, it is essential to select one that is DEFRA approved as this means that it has passed stringent tests designed by the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). These tests are created to ensure that the product conforms to the law regarding smoke emission. DEFRA approved stoves h...
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How To Get More Results From Your Defra Wood Burning Stoves

Buying a Defra Wood Burning Stove If you reside in a smoke-free area, then you will need a DEFRA approved wood burning or multi fuel stove. These stoves are compliant with Government standards for air pollution and prevent the fire from being starved of oxygen, which can cause smoke. While a Defra approved stove may not appear any different from the outside, they have the most recent eco-friendly innovations inside. They feature secondary and even third intakes. Defra approved DEFRA approved stoves have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they abide by the Department of Environmental's rules. They are designed to burn fuels more efficiently and produce less pollution. To reduce airborne particles, stoves exempted from Defra can only be used with well-seasoned, dry fuels a...