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The Reasons To Focus On Making Improvements To Defra Exempt Multi Fuel Stoves

Defra Exempt Multi Fuel Stoves There is a variety of multi-fuel stoves that are exempt from the defra regulations. Defra approved stoves comply with government regulations, and are designed to maximize fuel efficiency with low emissions. This is particularly crucial when you live in a smoke control zone. Even if you do not have a smoke control area, a Defra Stove is better for your chimney, and your neighbors. Defra Approved You may have noticed on our website, a number wood burning stoves are described as DEFRA exempted or DEFRA approved. For the average homeowner, these terms might appear to be jargon that they do not need to pay attention to but that is not the reality. DEFRA is the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. They are accountable for policies and ...