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Wall.Mounted Fireplace Tips From The Best In The Industry

Choosing a Wall.Mounted Fireplace A wall-mounted fireplace does not require you to cut an opening in the wall or set up vent pipes. They also require less time to install and can be hung anywhere there is space on the wall. Gas wall mounts can be mounted on the surface or recessed to create a customized appearance. They come with safety features such as oxygen depletion sensors and shut off when the pilot light goes out. You can control the flame and heat settings by using their controls. Features If you are considering a wall mounted fireplace, make sure you choose one that has a number of options. They could include a variety of flame settings, a timer, or the ability to control the fireplace from a remote. Some of these units have a display panel that displays the current se...
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The Biggest “Myths” Concerning Electric Fireplace Mantels Could Actually Be Accurate

Electric Fireplace Mantels Electric fireplace mantels are available in many different styles to fit the aesthetic of your home. They can be hung on or installed into the wall and some are able to be moved around for added flexibility. The first thing to think about is the size. You should select an accent piece that matches the dimensions of your fireplace, and not one that looks out-of-place or is too large. Size A mantel is an excellent option to decorate an electric fireplace. It adds a classic look that can be easily adapted to various styles of decor. You can pick from a variety of different materials to build your mantel, including stone, wood or even metal. The material you choose will determine the look of your fireplace, as well as the overall design of the space. W...
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5 Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted Projects For Any Budget

Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted A wall-mounted electric fireplace can create a feeling of warmth and act as a focal point for the room. It also adds a decorative aspect to the room without causing the space to get too warm. Before you install, take a look at the dimensions of your opening and the fireplace's front glass panel for the specifications. Install it away from any flammable materials. Decorate The addition of a wall-mounted electric fireplace to your home can enhance its appearance in a subtle manner. This type of wall-mounted fire doesn't have any obvious openings on the walls or ducts unlike traditional fireplaces that require a vent pipe and chimney. This makes them less likely to cause damage or attract insects. In addition they are less expensive to purchase and ...
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15 Shocking Facts About Wall Mount Fireplace That You Never Knew

Choosing a Wall Mount Fireplace If you're looking to warm up a space or simply add a touch of atmosphere, there's no doubt that a wall mount fireplace is the perfect option. It's important to consider aspects like heat output and energy efficiency when purchasing a fireplace. After you have picked the model you want to purchase, take off its front glass panel. The owner's guide will give you installation instructions. Sleek Appearance A wall mounted fireplace is a stylish and functional addition to any house. It is easy-to-install and provides additional heat. The minimalist appearance of this fireplace will create a sophisticated and modern look for your living room. It is also compatible with a variety of interior themes. Choose an elegant and light electric fireplace that...