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15 Terms That Everyone Involved In Repairs To Double Glazed Windows Industry Should Know

Can Double Glazed Windows Be Repaired? If you have recently had double glazing installed in your home and they are beginning to show signs of failing you may be wondering if they are able to be fixed. You might be able to get your double glazing covered under warranty based on the issue and when you bought it. Broken Panes If a window's glass is damaged or cracked it allows air flow more easily, reducing the windows' effectiveness as an insulation and a barrier against the elements. This could cause cold or hot air to enter your home, based on the season. Heating and cooling costs will rise. If the crack is not too deep, you may be able to use a strong-hold adhesive tape. This is a temporary solution, though, and it may only prevent the crack from growing. A professional win...
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10 Tips For Getting The Most Value From Double Glazed Window Repairs

Double Glazed Window Repairs Double glazing can develop problems in time, like an air bubble between the glass or rotting frames. These are easy to fix and can be less expensive than you think. Make sure to contact the company from whom you purchased the item to determine if there is a warranty. It's worth trying to fix any issues on your own first. Sealing Window seals, also known as uPVC window seals, play crucial roles in the insulation of double-glazed windows. Faulty seals may cause drafts, condensation and other issues. Fortunately, damaged seals can be replaced or repaired to improve the effectiveness of your double glazing. The leakage of water between glass panes is the most frequent sign of double-glazed windows that require to be sealed. This can cause stains, dam...