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11 “Faux Pas” That Actually Are Okay To Create With Your Repairs To Double Glazed Windows

Can double glazing Letchworth Glazed Windows Be Repaired? If you recently installed double glazing in your home and it is beginning to display signs of failing, you may wonder whether they are able to be fixed. You may be able get your Double Glazing Repair Hertford glazing covered under warranty depending on the problem and when you bought it. Broken Panes If a window's glass is damaged or cracked it allows air to move more easily, which reduces the windows' efficiency as insulation and a barrier against the elements. This can cause cold or hot air to enter your home, based on the time of year. The cost of cooling and heating will rise. If the crack is not too deep, you might be able to apply a strong-hold adhesive tape. This is only a temporary solution however, and it cou...