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Dr. Garcia

Luis Garcia received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Boston College in 1997 where his genetic research landed him in an international scientific publication (Development, 1997) as an undergraduate. He received his Medical Degree, from Universidad de la Sabana in Bogota, Colombia in 2005 and served as Medical Director and Chief Science Officer of "Salud Futura" Clinic in Bogotá, Colombia until June 2010 where he worked with Neurofeedback, Neural therapy, Ozone therapy, Homotoxicology, Neurolinguistic Programming, Chelation therapy, DMSO therapy, Bioenergetics, Nutritional therapies, traditional western medicine and Biomagnetism. Dr. Garcia is licensed to practice medicine and surgery in Colombia, South America. He is currently applying his knowledge of complementary and alt...
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The Magnetic Appeal: Unraveling the Effectiveness of Biomagnetism Treatment

In the realm of alternative therapies, biomagnetism stands out for its unique approach to healing. By utilizing magnets to restore the body’s natural electromagnetic balance, this treatment aims to support the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms. The theory suggests that by stabilizing the body’s pH, biomagnetism can enhance the immune system’s ability to fend off infections and diseases. Among the therapy’s most ardent advocates is Dr. Luis Garcia, a former medical doctor whose profound belief in biomagnetism’s potential led him to dedicate his career to it. From Conventional Medicine to Magnetic Healing Dr. Luis Garcia’s journey from a practicing medical doctor to a biomagnetism specialist is not just a career shift but a testament to his conviction in the therapy’s efficacy. G...
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Biomagnetism and Lymph Drainage: Unveiling the Mystery with Dr. Luis Garcia

Unraveling the puzzle of biomagnetism therapy is a complicated task with one query being how it affects lymph drainage. The claims of this treatment sound promising but the specific mechanisms behind them are not clear. To shed light on this subject, let’s take a trip in the company of Dr. Luis Garcia, an accomplished figure in biomagnetism. What You Need to Know about Lymph Systems: First and foremost, however, we need to understand what is meant by lymph system before jumping into how biomagnetism influences it. Picture a series of pipes and nodes that crisscross your body gathering up excess fluid and cellular waste particles. This intricate network known as the lymphatic system maintains fluid balance and aids in immune function. Lethargic lymph flow can cause swelling, tiredness...
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Beyond Breathing Trouble: Can Biomagnetism Help Chronic Bronchitis?

In this video, Dr. Garcia is curing a patient with a chronic bronchitis using Biomagnetism Magnets therapy. The patient has several magnets placed on her body during the session. These are the magnets placed on the patient and their positions stated in the video: Thymus (2 magnets): above the av node Liver: on rib cage Trachea: left side below clavicle right side Influenza: fifth cervical underneath the neck Sternum, esophagus, methyl carina, pleura to liver, right pleura: If you cherished this article and you simply would like to acquire more info with regards to Biomagnetic Pair Therapy please visit our website. for improved respiration Spleen, pancreatic ligament, peripancreatic pancreatic duct, pyloric sphincter: midway between navel and lower ribs at 60 degrees a...