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Some Wisdom On Fireplace Surrounds From An Older Five-Year-Old

Choosing Fireplace Surrounds That Match Your Interior Design Style The right surround for your fireplace can be the difference between enhancing or ruining the appearance of your room, whether you have an electric or wood-burning fireplace. The right surround to match your style of interior isn't always easy. Brick is one alternative that can be incorporated into contemporary, rustic or farmhouse-style homes. It's also a great option for homeowners on a tight budget, as it can be easily painted. Wood A fireplace surround made of wood is an essential piece of furniture since it serves as a focal point to the room and also breaks down walls that might otherwise be empty. A wooden surround also makes it easier to hang decorations for the holidays. Pine surrounds can be used to han...
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The No. Question That Everyone In Electric Fireplace Mantels Should Know How To Answer

Electric Fireplace Mantels Electric fireplace mantels come in a variety of styles to fit your home. They can be hung on or recessed into the wall, and some can even be moved around for added flexibility. The first thing you should consider is the size. You want a mantel that is proportional to the size of the fireplace, not one that appears out of place or overwhelms it. Size A mantel is an excellent way to dress up an electric fireplace. It gives a classic look and can be modified to a variety of décor styles. You can select from wood, stone or metal to build your mantel. The material you select will determine the look of your fireplace, as well as the overall design of the space. One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when selecting a mantel is the si...
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So You’ve Bought Bio-Ethanol Fireplace … Now What?

Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces A bio-ethanol fireplace offers numerous advantages. It does not emit harmful gases or smoke and does not require a flue or chimney. The free standing bioethanol fires make a stunning focal piece in any living space. They can be moved from one room to another if needed. Wall-mounted bio ethanol fires are ideal for those with a limited space as they can be inserted into a niche or recessed into the wall. They are easy to install and provide a contemporary look. Eco-friendly A bio-ethanol fireplace is an excellent option to take pleasure in the warmth of a flame without causing harm to the surroundings. They burn bioethanol fuel which is made from renewable sources such as corn, potatoes, and sugar cane. They produce no smoke or fumes, which makes them a ...
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What Is Wall.Mounted Fireplace And How To Use It

Choosing a Wall.Mounted Fireplace A wall-mounted fireplace will not require you to cut an opening in the wall or set up a vent pipe. They also require less installation time and can be mounted wherever you have space on the wall. Gas wall mounts can be mounted on the surface or recessed to create a custom look. Safety features include oxygen depletion sensors and shut-off when the pilot light goes out. You can control the heat and flame settings using their controls. Features If you are considering a wall mounted fireplace, look for one that offers various features. Some of these features include a variety of flame settings and remote controls. Some of these fireplaces have a display that displays the current settings. This is useful if you don't want to use a remote control or...