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14 Questions You’re Afraid To Ask About Hyundai Spare Key

How Much Does a Hyundai Car Key Replacement Cost? If you have lost your Hyundai car key, there are many alternatives to obtain a replacement. You can visit the dealer, call an locksmith, or request online for a key. The price of a Hyundai key varies depending the location it is purchased. The dealer will be more expensive than an automotive locksmith, but they may be able to assist you with other issues as well. Cost of the Key Hyundai offers a range of car keys. Each key is priced differently. Older cars, for instance use a simple valet keys that can be replaced at the locksmith's store for $50 each. Key fobs are found in modern vehicles that have a chip that allows them to open doors and begin the vehicle. These fobs can be bought from a dealer or online however they are more...