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Blue Heeler: Complete Australian Cattle Dog Breed Information

This sweet spaniel sometimes charts as brachycephalic, but the majority are mesocephalic. A May 2022 examine by the Royal Veterinary College found that pugs are 54 p.c extra likely to suffer from BAOS than other breeds. Pugs are additionally susceptible to eye issues, pug canine encephalitis, and skin infections. Health hiccups aside, affection and Frenchies go hand-in-hand, as this sweet-natured snuggle bug is always down for belly rubs and pats. The downside lies in small animals like birds, hamsters, and related pets, since Cavaliers can have a robust prey-drive. This is due to their history as a sporting and hunting breed, which their temperaments nonetheless carry to today. If your family has a quantity of small animals, we recommend finding a breed with a considerably low prey dri...