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10 Reasons That People Are Hateful Of Ethiopian Coffee Beans 1kg

Ethiopian Coffee Beans Premium Black Donkey Kaffeeröster 1kg Whole Coffee Beans Coffee is an integral component of Ethiopian culture, and their heirloom varieties are among of the finest in the world. They are known for the floral complexity and citrus taste. Legend has it that a goatherder discovered coffee's wonders when his herd became restless and began to eat the coffee berries. Yirgacheffe The high altitudes and rich soils in the Yirgacheffe region create ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. Ethiopian farmers also work hard to protect the environment, and to ensure that their communities are able to have sustainable livelihoods. They also dedicate themselves to promoting gender equality and the wellbeing of young women. The combination of these factors creates Yirgach...
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15 Best Coffee Beans 1kg Bloggers You Should Follow

Vittoria Organic Coffee Beans 1kg One of Vittoria's original blends, it has a of flavour and delicate when served with milk. A mix of premium washed & unwashed Arabica coffees. The medium dark roast of organic certified Rainforest Alliance certified beans delivers an espresso with a balanced flavor and a sweet nutty taste when milk is added. For every package of Vittoria Organic sold $1 will be donated to OzHarvest. Mountain Grown The vittoria mountain grown beans come from high altitude farms. They provide an intense, rich flavor in espresso or an exquisite taste when served with milk. The premium organic blend has been refined over time to ensure that the desired taste is achieved with sustainable beans. The coffee is endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance to meet strict soc...