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Common LED traffic guidance screen function and classification

I don’t know if you have noticed that there are LED traffic guidance screens on important sections of the expressway. Some of these screens are monochrome, some are two-color, and some are full-color. Usually these screens will prompt road congestion, driving in rainy and foggy weather. Pay attention to safety, Lao Lai information, etc., so what are the functions of these screens, and what are their classifications? LED display manufacturers will analyze it for you. 1. Four functions of LED traffic guidance display 1. High brightness and wide viewing angle The traffic induction LED display requires high luminous brightness and wide viewing angle; the luminous brightness of the display can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient light intensity. Under normal circumstance...
Future Technology

How to use the iPad to realize the same screen wirelessly?

With the continuous development of economy and technology, the control method of led large screen is also constantly changing. From conventional manual on-site computer operation to wireless remote operation, the control of led display has become more and more convenient. Wireless same-screen control is becoming more and more slowly into people's lives. The iPad has evolved from an entertainment device to a digital wireless control LED display large-screen system platform, and the iPad-controlled display large-screen technology has come. So, how to use the iPad to realize the same screen wirelessly? Generally speaking, if the traditional screen control mode is to realize the wireless same wall screen led function, many supporting facilities are required, such as desktop computers, video...