Friday, July 19

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It’s Time To Increase Your Double Loft Bed With Stairs Options

Buying a Small Double Loft Bed If you're looking for a tiny double loft bed, this Scandinavian pine design is a good fit. The frame is equipped with guard rails to ensure it's safe for children and the large space underneath can be used to store anything from an extra bookcase to a desk. Decorate the walls of your loft with shelves where you can showcase your child's work photographs of the family and inspirational quotes. Add a floor pillow and an armchair for a cozy reading area. Space-Saving When space is limited in an apartment, a loft bed can be the ideal solution. These beds are not built on the ground, but rather on a platform that is high above it. This gives more space under to be used for other furniture, such as tables and dressers. They also provide more storage sol...