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A Guide to Mattress Sizes: US Sizes vs. Singapore Standards

Finding the perfect mattress goes beyond just comfort; it's about finding the right fit for your bedroom space. This can be especially tricky when navigating the differences between US mattress sizes and those commonly found in Singapore. This guide explores both US and Singaporean mattress sizes to help you make an informed decision. **Understanding US Mattress Sizes:** The US offers a wider range of mattress sizes compared to Singapore. Here's a breakdown of the most common ones: * **Twin:** Ideal for a single person, measuring 38 x 75 inches (97 x 191 cm). * **Twin XL:** Slightly longer than a twin, perfect for taller individuals, at 38 x 80 inches (97 x 203 cm). * **Full/Double:** A good fit for king Size mattress Dimensions couples or single sleepers who prefer more space,...