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Why All The Fuss About Prada Handbags Nylon?

Prada Handbags in Re-Nylon Fabrication When Miuccia Prada introduced nylon bags to her brand of the same name in 1984 they made a striking statement. Pocono nylon was used to make her bags and backpacks instead of the expensive leathers that dominated fashion. To make nylon more sustainable, Prada launched Re-Nylon in 2019. The project collaborates with the textile fiber producer Aquafil to produce recycled nylon, referred to as ECONYL. It is made from recycled plastic waste and fishing nets. Tessuto Prada's tessuto has made quite the comeback lately and you've probably seen this look on the arms of trendy ladies. The fabric is known for being durable, supple and versatile. It's perfect to dress up an everyday outfit or putting it on with jeans to give an elegant, Prada Bag Me...