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What Is Defra Approved Log Burner? Heck Is Defra Approved Log Burner?

Defra Approved Log Burners If you live in an area which is smoke-free or smoke-controlled, you'll need to use a defra-approved stove to be in compliance with the regulations of the government. This will allow you to legally burn approved fuels, such as briquettes and approved firewood. These stoves tend to be more environmentally friendly than older models because they employ secondary and tertiary combustion systems. This reduces the amount of smoke that is produced and so is better for your chimney flue system and neighbors. Clean Burn Technology Defra Approved stoves are a great choice for Smoke Control Areas and any urban environment, generally built up locations. These modern appliances, also referred to as DEFRA exempt stoves, are made to offer a clean burn and a high eff...
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This Week’s Top Stories Concerning Defra Approved

Defra Approved Multi Fuel Stoves Multi-fuel stoves endorsed by DEFRA permit burning wood or smokeless fuels in smoke-free areas. They emit little emissions, provide pure combustion and are available in various designs that can be used in any home. Defra regulations (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) restrict the emission of dark smoke from chimneys in Smoke Control Areas without an exempt appliance, or authorised fuel. Efficient combustion Multi-fuel stoves that have been approved by Defra are utilized in a variety of homes because they provide efficient heating and have a low carbon footprint. They can be used for a variety of fuel types, including smokeless coal and logs. These models also provide plenty of control over the flame which allows you to achieve ...
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A Retrospective What People Said About Defra Wood Burning Stoves 20 Years Ago

Buying a Defra Wood Burning Stove If you reside in an area that is smoke-free, you will need to make use of a DEFRA-approved wood burning or multifuel stove. They meet the Government's standards for Defra stoves air pollution and stop the fire from being starved of oxygen, which can cause smoke. Although a Defra approved stove may not appear any different from the outside, they do feature the most recent eco-friendly innovations inside. For instance, they come with secondary and tertiary air intakes. Defra approved DEFRA approved stoves are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure they conform to the Department of Environment regulations. They are designed to burn fuels more efficiently and generate less pollutants. To reduce airborne particles Defra exempted stoves can only be u...