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Do You Know How To Explain Womens Rabbit Vibrators To Your Mom

What is a Rabbit Vibrator? A rabbit vibrator is an electric sexual bunny adult toy that utilizes an arm to stimulate your vaginal G-spots and an external arm to twitch your clitoris. In contrast to bullet vibrators and wands they allow you to stimulate your vaginal clitoris, as well as G-spot, with just one hand! You can also select which part of your body you want to stimulate to enjoy two pleasures with these toys. Design A rabbit vibrator was first used in Sex and the City (1998). It stimulates both the vagina and the clitoris at the same time. This can result in blended orgasms, which is often more intense and visceral, says therapist Kristen Lilla. Two main components make up Rabbits two main parts: one is the internal shaft which stimulates your vagina and the second i...