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Future Technology

A Brief History Of The Evolution Of Built-In Fridge

The Benefits of a Built-In small fridge There's just something about a built-in fridge. It gives a kitchen an elegant seamless look, ideal for homes with million dollar budgets. However, built-in refrigerators aren't cheap, and manufacturers are aware of it. They cater to a smaller market of luxury consumers who can afford the higher price. Why are they so expensive? Integrated Design Built-in fridges are incorporated into the cabinet's design unlike freestanding refrigerators. Because they're a more permanent installation, stainless steel Fridge they're ideal for homeowners looking to create a seamless design and enjoy the option of spending more money on an appliance that is likely to bring resale value to their home. These appliances used to be 84" high and had the compr...
Future Technology

3 Ways In Which The Under Counter Fridge Can Influence Your Life

Add Convenience to Your Home With an Under Counter Fridge Improve productivity in your office by installing a fridge double door under the counter for snacks and drinks. Include one in your man cave or she shed to make it easy to access chilled wines. Contrary to freestanding units, most undercounter units vent from the front. This allows them to be placed under countertops. Refer to the specifications for clearance requirements for countertops. Convenience The addition of an under-counter refrigerator to a larger refrigerator is a great space saver without cutting down on capacity. Small refrigerators are more convenient than traditional freezers, and can store frozen foods drinks, condiments, beverages and tray for parties. The compact dimensions make them easy to fit under c...