Monday, July 15

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7 Tips About Amazon Online Grocery Shopping Uk That No One Will Tell You

Amazon Expands Online Grocery Shopping in the UK It's one thing to shake up an old-fashioned sector like the bookselling business, however, it's a completely different thing to compete with Tesco in the grocery sector. The move could harm the margins of supermarkets which are already thin. Does it work? According to Mintel the giant of e-commerce has been able to catch up in the food industry that is extremely competitive in the UK, but it’s share of online shopping only reaches 3%. Cost With a market share of just a tenth of Tesco's, Amazon has fired a new salvo in the war for the British wallets. It plans to expand the online Fresh service to include all major towns and cities in the UK, starting with London and a few Home Counties. This move will put it into competition with...