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Ten Defra Approved Wood Burner Products That Can Change Your Life

Choosing a Defra Approved Wood Burner If you are looking for a brand new multi fuel or wood burning stove you may notice it's listed as DEFRA approved. While it may seem like confusing stove jargon, owning a DEFRA approved wood burner is crucial if you reside in a smoke-free zone. Defra is the government department that oversees the regulations for environmental, agricultural and rural issues. Defra approved stoves allow you to legally burn wood in smoke control areas (usually UK cities and large towns). Clean Burning Technology Stove manufacturers have been developing their stoves with secondary and tertiary combustion mechanisms to make them cleaner burning. This allows them meet the stricter emission limits set by DEFRA which means homeowners who live in Smoke Control Areas ...
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A Retrospective What People Said About Defra Wood Burning Stoves 20 Years Ago

Buying a Defra Wood Burning Stove If you reside in an area that is smoke-free, you will need to make use of a DEFRA-approved wood burning or multifuel stove. They meet the Government's standards for Defra stoves air pollution and stop the fire from being starved of oxygen, which can cause smoke. Although a Defra approved stove may not appear any different from the outside, they do feature the most recent eco-friendly innovations inside. For instance, they come with secondary and tertiary air intakes. Defra approved DEFRA approved stoves are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure they conform to the Department of Environment regulations. They are designed to burn fuels more efficiently and generate less pollutants. To reduce airborne particles Defra exempted stoves can only be u...
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Are Defra Exempt Wood Burner The Most Effective Thing That Ever Was?

The Benefits of DEFRA Exempt Wood Burners DEFRA approved wood burning stoves are a fantastic option for homeowners who live within smoke control zones. These particular stoves have been tested thoroughly and are able to function within the strict guidelines. Stoves that have been approved will have the letter 'SE', which means Smoke Exempt. They are only permitted to be used in smoke-controlled areas when burning Defra approved fuels, namely wood or manufactured smokeless fuels. Smoke Exempt DEFRA exempted stoves that burn wood or Defra-approved stoves are designed to comply with the Department of Environment (DEFRA's) regulations. The stoves have been tested and inspected to ensure that they use fuel more efficiently and produce little or no smoke. They have low emissions leve...