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Tag: Ultimate Portable Wood Burning Stove: Ideal for Camping

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Watch Out: How Wood Burning Stoves Uk Is Taking Over And What To Do

The Benefits of Wood Stoves A wood burning stove can create a cozy and warm ambience in any room. The days of standard smoke billowing fireplaces though new regulations are in place. The new DEFRA Smoke Exempt Appliances have lower emissions and permit the burning of logs in any UK smoke-control area. They still contribute to high levels of PM2.5. Cleaner Burning Wood burning stoves and open fires release huge quantities of fine particulates especially when they're not maintained properly. According to a report by the European Environmental Bureau, a single wood burner in a home produces as much dust per hour as the equivalent of six diesel vehicles. These emissions are the primary source of air pollution and cause health problems for those who live near to roads which are w...