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The success of Vlone is directly associated with the members

Vlone produced the initial bang to create the concept for mainstreaming pop music. Harlem New York, the "land of streetwear" and casual clothing was a place that many people felt lucky to live. The founder of this music production named Jabari Shelton but the world-known name as a great A$AP Bari who took this initiative 10 years ago. Vlone's success is directly linked to the A$AP members, A$AP Rocky and A$AP bari. They both put in a lot of work developing a rough and tough music harmony. Playboi carti & Ian Connor are other crew members who have received praise & likes. They were praised for bringing a concept of pop into Harlem & gaining recognition of their Vs logos. A$AP Bari made some incredible steps to turn Vlone into the greatest fashion clothing brand. A$AP Rocky wa...