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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

A wall mounted electric fire can be a fantastic addition to any space. They can be built into the walls or hung on the walls.

The majority of wall mounted electric fireplaces come with the form of heater which generates additional heat for the room. They can be controlled using the remote or control panel controls.


Generally speaking, wall-mounted electric fireplaces are available in different sizes to suit various rooms. The size of your electric fireplace will depend on a variety of variables that include the dimensions of your room and the depths of the walls.

In general, smaller electric fires work better in smaller spaces whereas deep models are suitable for larger areas. The most important thing to do is to determine how much heat you need in the space where the fireplace in the wall will be located. Most models have a variety of settings for heating to help you determine the right amount of warmth to your space.

Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces are designed to be flush or recessed into the wall. It is suggested to hire a professional for the latter since it requires cutting off a part of the wall to fit the fireplace. A flush-mounted unit can be mounted to the wall in the same way as any other furniture.

There are a variety of freestanding electric fire places available for Wall mounted electric Fire those who prefer a traditional appearance. Many electric fireplaces have frames or a mantle that make them appear like a real fireplace. Some feature a long design that can be tucked under a television.

Although freestanding electric fire places are more traditional in appearance however they don’t generate nearly as much heat as some other options. There are however wall-mounted electric fireplaces which can provide a comfortable amount of heat supplemental to rooms with a maximum of 300 square feet.

One of the most popular choices is the Allusion, which comes in a variety of frame finishes. It can be partially or fully integrated into a frame of 2×6 wall. It looks as polished on the wall surface as any other furniture piece. This kind of fireplace can be surrounded, however it isn’t always necessary. Another alternative is the unique Scion Trinity, one of the newest electric fireplaces available. The multi-sided design eliminates the need for a surround which makes it one of the easiest to set up. Additionally, it provides more flexibility in finishing materials than partially or fully recessed models, which must be fixed to the studs.


A wall mounted electric fireplace can add a contemporary ambiance and a warm, cozy feel to any space. It can even provide supplemental warmth to keep living spaces warm during the cold winter months. The fireplaces are efficient and can save people money by providing an inexpensive alternative to traditional gas-powered heating systems. They also reduce the amount polluting your home with harmful substances and comply with the current environmental standards.

The majority of electric fireplaces have realistic flame displays and an ember bed. Certain models feature multicolored flames, which are designed to mimic natural flames in a fireplace. Most models come with a convenient remote to change the settings.

Some prefer a flush-mounted electric fireplace that can be placed flat against any wall. Some prefer an electric fireplace for the wall fireplace which can be built into the wall for an individual fit as well as added depth. Both options will require hardware and brackets for mounting. It is recommended to work with an expert to install recessed units.

The power capability of the fireplace is an additional consideration. You’ll want to select one that is not only energy efficient, but also rated for high BTUs. This will help you avoid any unexpected and expensive energy bills in the future.

If you are looking for a wall-mounted electric fireplace, consider the numerous frames and finishes available to match your decor. There are a variety of brands that offer a broad selection of front faces. They include sleek black or contemporary stainless steel. You can also pick a model with top venting for a custom, built-in look or one that’s flush with the wall for an elegant look.

Many models come with cool glass technology that prevents the surface from becoming hot and enables it to be used in a safe manner in a home with pets or wall mounted electric fire children. The technology is based on drawing cool air from the room and distributing it evenly throughout the space. The embers and fire are displayed in a visually pleasing way, without having to be concerned about burning or wall heat.


Wall mounted electric fireplaces unlike traditional fireplaces which utilize logs and coal they have an element of heat at the bottom that blows warm air into the room. This makes them ideal for those who want a fire and warmth within their home but can’t utilize a real fireplace because of space or restrictions on where they can place it.

Most models come with the ability to run a fan-driven heater which can provide up to 5,000 BTUs in rooms up to 400 square feet in size. They also provide flame brightness and color options to customize the look of the fire. Some models may include an alarm clock that can be set ahead of time to make it easier.

Another crucial aspect to take into consideration when selecting a wall mounted electric fireplace is whether it is freestanding or integrated into the wall. Freestanding models allow you to choose the mounting location. Recessed models, however, must be installed by professionals. No matter what method you choose to install there are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure an efficient and easy setup.

Install the fireplace and test the temperature and light before you begin the installation. Once you’ve completed this, find a suitable place for it on the walls and begin the installation process. Mount the bottom bracket on the wall by placing it over the slots or hooks on the back of your fireplace. Then, align the slots on the backside of the fireplace to the brackets’ hooks, and insert hooks into slots to fix the fireplace to wall.

Be sure to keep all combustibles at least 3 feet away from your new wall mounted fireplace. This is designed to minimize the risk of fire by making it more difficult for combustible objects to ignite if they are too close. It is also important to not restrict the vents of your fireplace. These vents are designed to allow for a continuous flow of hot air and fresh air. This helps the fireplace run more efficiently and avoids overheating.


A lot of wall-mounted electric fireplaces come with a screen that maintains an extremely low temperature throughout the fireplace’s use and protects against burns. They also operate and keep heat at a lower temperature than traditional fireplaces, which makes them suitable for homes with children and pets. Certain models have special features, such as a fire-only option that lets you enjoy the appearance of the fire without the heat.

Electric fireplaces are usually designed to be used for secondary heating, not as primary heating. It is important to adhere to the safety tips included with the specific model you have purchased to ensure proper operation and safety. Make sure the area around your fireplace is free of combustible substances and is not blocked by drapes or furniture. To decrease the chance of fire and to allow hot air to escape, it is important to keep flammable materials at least three feet away from your fireplace. Make sure to check the vents frequently to ensure that they’re not blocked and that you have enough fresh air for your fireplace to function.

Apart from following the manufacturer’s guidelines and the general safety guidelines mentioned above, you must be aware of any odd noises or smells that could occur while your fireplace is being used. These could indicate mechanical or electrical issues that could pose serious safety risks and must be immediately addressed by a professional.

Although it isn’t common to experience accidents involving electric fireplaces, they should be considered as dangerous devices that require a proper installation and use. An experienced electrician should handle the installation and be familiar with local codes and regulations regarding the use of electric fireplaces. They should be able to give you details regarding the warranty maintenance, replacement, and warranty of components.

The most important aspect of installation is to make sure that the fireplace is placed correctly on the wall. It is important to examine the studs of your wall to determine the maximum height you can mount the fireplace. If you are using a mounting kit you should carefully connect the fireplace’s hooks to the slots in the brackets. It is essential not to get your hands on any exposed metal components when installing the unit. They can become very hot. This can cause physical injury and can also decrease the lifespan of the fireplace.