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This Is The Best Commercial Coffee Machine Case Study You’ll Never Forget

Which is the Best Commercial Coffee Machine?

A quality commercial espresso machine can make your office a happier environment. Which one should you pick?

These machines are great for offices. They are also great in smaller restaurants and cafes. They usually come with dual boilers that let you brew and steam simultaneously, removing the need for reheating.

1. Keurig K150 Medium Business

The K150 is sleek and has a silver exterior that looks good in any environment. It can make up to 12 cups using the carafe function, and takes just over 2 minutes for a single cup after being heated. The 46 oz water reservoir is easy to take off and replace, however Keurig recommends using distilled water instead of tap water for best results. The interactive color touchscreen lets you adjust the temperature of your brew up or down in 1 degree increments. You can also select the size of the brew, and choose the language that will be displayed on the display.

The Keurig K150, designed for offices, can be fully programmed. It has five different sizes of brews to ensure that everyone gets their perfect beverage. This model is equipped with Quiet Brewing Technology, which reduces noise levels. This is ideal for offices. It also has a large 90 oz water reservoir which can be used by multiple staff members to brew their favorite beverage throughout the day.

Both the K150 and K150P are UL-listed commercially, which is very important for the hospitality industry. The K150P is compatible with direct-water-line plumbing. This is a great option for those who want to avoid the headache of refilling the reservoir with water during the fermentation process.

The K150 isn’t equipped with an input for milk this could be an issue for some. However this can be easily fixed by placing an additional milk container next to the machine. The machine is light and easy to set up, which makes it an ideal choice for those who don’t want to deal with the technical aspects of a more sophisticated commercial coffee maker.

2. Rancilio Silvia

The Silvia is an espresso machine designed for purists. It’s a no-frills machine, with no pre-sets, and no automatic milk frothing system. It’s less user-friendly than machines such as the Breville Bambino Plus but it also allows it to make drinks that are cafe-quality when used by a professional barista. The Silvia also has professional components. It comes with the 58mm portafilter that is similar to the ones that are used in Rancilio’s professional line of machines. This is a plus when using recipes designed for commercial machines. A smaller portafilter may throw off the ratio of water to coffee.

The machine comes with a professional steam wand that can produce thick, delicious foam that is ideal for making café-standard lattes and capspuccinos. The wand is flexible and has an acorn-shaped tip, making it easy to use even for Best Coffee Machines those who are just beginning. The pump, boiler, and grouphead are all commercial-grade too, and the wand has enough power to make high-quality foam even without the help of a froth assist system.

The Silvia also has a separate “ready” orange light that indicates that the machine is ready for use, and four rocker switches that control the steaming and brewing features. The machine is made of solid steel, giving it a robust and premium feel that sets it apart from competitors like the Gaggia Classic Pro and the Breville Bambino Plus. The portafilter is hefty on the Silvia is also a significant improvement than the plastic versions on Breville’s and Gaggia’s entry-level machines.

The only issue with the Silvia is that it can be a bit finicky at times and require patience to use it properly particularly if you’re not yet a seasoned barista. If you’re a dedicated home barista, it can be a fantastic machine that rivals espresso machines at twice the price and will last when you’re ready to upgrade.

3. Saeco Aulika Evo Top HSC

Created with modern and social features, Aulika Evo Top HSC is the ideal solution for a large office or workplace where people take advantage of their coffee breaks not only as a moment of relaxation, but also as an opportunity to have a relaxing chat and sharing thoughts and emotions. With professional-grade technology and parts of the top quality and attention to detail, it provides great tasting and consistent beverages every time.

With the HSC (High Speed Milk) function this Saeco commercial coffee machine can prepare an espresso or latte macchiato that has perfect foam in just 28 seconds, even in high volumes. This makes the Aulika Evo suitable for all lovers of milk-based drinks.

The Aulika Evo also includes a high capacity tank for both water and coffee beans that means you can reduce the frequency of refilling and save money on energy costs. It also has an advanced metal grinder with eight settings that allow you to adjust the grind to suit the type of drink you prefer.

This Saeco coffee maker also comes with an automated commercial milk frother. It produces a fluffy and light layer of froth with a single touch. If you prefer to use fresh milk you can pour it from the dispenser into an ice jug for additional convenience.

The Aulika Evo comes with a new capacitive touchscreen interface with backlit photo icons that allow the user to select drinks that are delivered directly to the cup. The blue and white LED lighting used to make beverages adds an elegant and sophisticated appearance. It also has a memo function that lets you save your preferred cappuccino or coffee and then make it with just a single touch.

4. BFC Expert

The BFC Experta is an incredible piece of Italian coffee craftsmanship that translates the art of making espresso into your kitchen. The seamless fusion of design and functionality is ideal for home baristas who adore the ritual of making their own espresso, small cafes that wish to serve excellent coffee without the need for large commercial equipment, and for those who appreciate the value of quality over the complexity.

The Experta is built to last with superior craftsmanship and sturdy materials. Copper boilers, with a a capacity of 1.3 Liters, guarantees an even temperature control to ensure the Best filter coffee machine extraction. Its E61 brew group provides thermal stability and pre-infusion to make the best cup of espresso. Its vibratory pump delivers consistent pressure, ensuring the finest extraction. The spacious water tank eliminates the need for frequent refills, allowing you to brew more drinks in a shorter amount of time.

The design was created with the coffee lover in mind, this machine offers advanced features that elevate your coffee to a new level. The steam pipe and hot water tap are encapsulated to prevent burns, while the semi-automatic lever operation provides you with the ability to control the extraction process.

The Experta is an essential for those who love espresso. Its professional design sleek construction, stylish design, and exceptional performance will elevate your daily cup of coffee to the next level. The durable and long-lasting material will provide reliable service for a long time, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite espresso drink each morning. This machine will not just impress your guests, but also your taste buds. Don’t settle for mediocre coffee – experience the BFC Experta and get your hands on the most powerful espresso machine on the market today!

5. Saeco Giga X8c

Created to provide the best coffee Machines professional coffee maker This machine is part of the Giga X line of professional machines by Jura. It is a statement in style and quality that will look great in any office. It has a 3.5″ color display for easy operation and can handle a variety of drink choices. It has an enormous container for water and beans that makes it simple to fill and keep the machine fully stocked.

This model’s integrated Aroma G3 burr mill grinds whole beans to perfection. This will give your coffee and espresso an authentic taste. You can also alter the size of the grind to suit your tastes. The machine is equipped with an intelligent water system which automatically cleans and rinses itself. This makes maintenance easy and cuts down on the amount of chemicals needed to keep the machine in top condition.

The Speed function lets you to prepare the perfect cup of coffee in record time. This feature is especially useful in offices that make use of the coffee machine a lot. The excessive extraction of coffee can produce a mixture of bitter acids and indigestible substances that could affect your drink’s taste. The Speed function can eliminate this problem by using an extra bypass that mixes the perfectly extracted espresso with hot water.

Another excellent feature of the GigaX8c is its automatic commercial grade milk frother. With one button, you can make an incredibly creamy cappuccino or a cup of coffee in just a few seconds. Its large bean and water reservoirs mean you don’t have refill them as frequently and this makes it a top pick for offices with high use.